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Recruit Faster using a funnel and email marketing

10 Steps to Build a Complete Lead Generation Funnel

It’s time to find people that will literally raise their hand to say “Yes, I want to work with you! Tell me more!” To me, the “make a list of 100 people” is the equivalent of going door to door, but you are using direct messages through social media instead.

Recruit Faster using a funnel and email marketing

Automate Lead Generation with your first funnel and email marketing.

What’s the difference? Would you rather spend your time messaging people who you have no idea if they are interested or not (cold market prospects), or put that time and energy into creating a system that will attract the people who are interested in what you have to offer (creating a list of warm market prospects)?

A funnel is a proven long term strategy for developing relationships so people can move from just knowing you to liking and trusting you so that they want to work with you and learn from you! So let’s walk through what that is going to look like!

Funnel steps to turn prospects into leads, clients, customers, and sales.

Step 1 ~ Establish Who Is Your Ideal Customer

The biggest mistake we marketers make is thinking everyone is our customer, or potential customer. I mean, when I started we kept hearing the 3 Foot Rule which says that anyone within 3 feet is a prospect so make sure to try to pitch your opportunity to them. Now the savvy marketers know “when you are talking to everyone, you are talking to no one”.

You have to hone in on your prospects demographics, their lifestyle, their stressors, the how & where they spend their time, energy & focus every day! If you struggle to figure this out, click here to grab my Ideal Customer Worksheet. It will walk you through some of the questions you will need to consider in creating your Ideal Customer Avatar.

Once you know who this person is in detail, it’s so much easier to create your content because you are talking to that one specific person and it will be so much more effective than bouncing around with different information, offers, products, and training. You will have people coming back for more & more of your content because they will know what to expect.

Step 2 ~ Begin Branding Yourself

When we think of brands, you might tend to think of your logo, colors to use, graphics, or fonts. While you should consider these things, branding is much more about showing people your authentic self. What can someone expect to see when they come to your business page? What type of information will they get?

This is an opportunity to share with people how you can help them, what’s in it for them, while at the same time letting them know who you are and why they might want to work with you. So for instance, let’s say you are in the health & wellness industry. Your brand could be around your love of organic gardening, mental health tools & tips, healthy eating, benefits of getting out into nature, exercise routines, holistic healing, or ways to keep your blood sugar stabilized! NOT just pitching the latest promo your company is offering or the features & benefits of your products.  Think from your heart, not your head. 

For me, it’s about training people how to grow a network marketing business using online techniques regardless of what company they’ve partnered with! I love training & leading people and seeing them step into confidence as they find success in their businesses. Nothing brings me greater joy than helping people in that way!

So, you brand yourself by posting 80% of your content around something that they find useful or entertaining, but that also is associated with your business niche! You wouldn’t brand yourself and share non-stop about exercising if your niche was selling jewelry.

If your niche is jewelry, you want to talk about what pieces go best for which hair styles, which necklines, which age category, and different types of outfits. Talk about the pieces flexibility for casual vs formal wear, etc. You want to be of service to people while being authentic and real so your audience can relate to you, and then begin to trust you.

Step 3 ~ Determine A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet can be anything that your prospect considers of enough value to offer their email in exchange for it. They are many types of lead magnets, or freebies. It could be an audio recording, a checklist, a guide, a tutorial, a swipe file, a spreadsheet, discount codes, samples, calendar, planner, video training, webinar, or even a template.

Think about different things you have given your email address in exchange for in the past? Maybe it’s DIY instructions for something, or a week of healthy recipes, or 30 days of 10 minute/day exercises. What is something that is going to solve a problem, educate, or help them in some way? When you are first starting out, I recommend keeping it simple and creating a PDF document of some sort.

Step 4 ~ Create Your Lead Magnet

When creating your lead magnet, keep in mind some of the personal branding information we talked about in step 2. It helps when choosing or creating pictures or graphics to use to know what colors and fonts you will want to use.

When creating your lead magnet, if it is a document, I like to use Canva because it’s free and you can put links in your document. This allows you to link to other social media, add affiliate links or links to your website, etc. right in your lead magnet. When you download it out of Canva, it also is in a format that people cannot edit when you send it to them. You never want to create a lead magnet in Word or Publisher and send it to them in the working format that they can edit or change in some way. You want to save a copy of it as a PDF so it is non-editable for the prospect, but you still have an editable copy to change as needed.

Once you have a pdf format of your lead magnet, I upload it to Google Drive. Once again, it’s a free service and easy to use for beginners. Once your document is in google drive, you will have access to a url link to it that will be needed in step 7 to attach it to our email. If you decide to create a video, you can upload it to YouTube so that you have a URL link that way. Remember we want to continue to provide lots of value to them so they begin to trust & like us. It’s all about continuing to build a relationship.

Here are a few title format ideas to get you thinking:

  • # Things You Must Know Before _______
  • # Proven Ways to Use _______
  • # Quick Ways to Feel _______ Fast
  • # Steps to _______ Without _______
  • # Things I Wish I Knew Before _______
  • # _______ That Save You _______ a Week
  • # Ways You Can _______ Faster Than _______
  • # Signs You Are _______
  • Go From _______ to _______ In Just # Days
  • The _____ Kit: How to _______ So You Can _______
  • Hey You - just wanted to remind you to get out of your head.   You can do this!  This is your dream!  It might take a little time, you might need some help, but help is available.  If you are ready to go all in on your business but want to leapfrog the learning curve, click here, and I will walk you through every step of this process! 

    Step 5 ~ Choose an Email Platform & Setup Account

    There are several different email platforms out there with different pricing, options, etc. I’m only going to speak about the one I use and why I’ve chosen it over the others. I use Aweber and you can check it out and create an account by clicking here. It’s a minimal cost option which is nice for beginners and still has all the customer service, templates, options, and capabilities you need to get started!

    It has very simple click & drag email builders as well as an auto generated template if you have a website already. These make it very user friendly for the not so tech savvy, or if you are all about the designer in you, you can create anything you want from scratch!

    Their training and customer service are amazing and they are constantly working to improve their options and provide information to keep you up to date on what’s working and how to implement it!

    Step 6 ~ Create a Landing Page & Thank You Page

    If you have chosen Aweber, you will first create a named list in your account that you will be automatically adding your leads to as they sign up for your lead magnet. When you create your list, you will also create your confirmation message that gets sent out when someone opts in for your lead magnet. This double confirmation protects both you and the prospect from spammers. It’s a win-win. The customer is assured that they are getting what they requested and you know you have a prospect that is truly wanting information from you!

    In Aweber they have several landing page templates that you can click on and just change some of the information to fit your particular lead magnet. They also have a form you can submit to request them to create a new one just for you! I love how customer focused they are.

    You will also want to create a thank you page, which again, they have templates for. It takes so much of the guess work out of trying to create all these things from scratch yourself. Both the landing page & thank you page will automatically be connected to the list you created so as people sign up through that landing page, they are added to that list.

    Step 7 ~ Create your Email Follow Up Series

    Once you have your signup system set up, you need to create the email to send out with their lead magnet once they opt-in. You will click on messages, and create a campaign with the drop and drag email builder. This allows you to create a link using either a button or by highlighting some text and clicking the link button that pops up. You can then add the url link to your lead magnet.

    Once they receive the initial lead magnet email, you will want to create a series of emails to continue to go out to them either every day, or every few days because it takes 7 – 12 touches for a person to decide to do business with you. You can schedule these ahead of time so that every new prospect that opts-in gets the same initial emails and training, and it’s all fully automated.

    Also, they might not be in the market right now for what you have, but now you can continue to send them valuable training or information and mix in your opportunity so that if and when they decide to join, they will be joining you and not someone else because they fell off your radar from not responding to your messages.

    With email marketing, you can see who is opening what emails and what links they are clicking on, etc. This helps you to begin to categorize your prospects by using tags in Aweber so you can send even more specific messages.

    Step 8 ~ Market Your Lead Magnet

    Some people may think they need to have a blog or website before they create their own funnel. This could not be further from the truth. Many online marketers are using a 2 page funnel system along with email marketing to make millions a year selling products, selling courses, promoting affiliate offers, and building to the top levels of their network marketing companies.

    You can use your social media channels to promote your lead magnet in a post, as a link after a video training, and it should be in your profile for each of your social media accounts. Of course, you can also do paid advertising to promote it, but the most important thing is to learn how to create the funnel so that you can use it in so many different ways! Keep Reading . . .

    Step 9 ~ Evaluate Your Metrics

    Once you have created a funnel and people begin to opt-in, you learn more and more by testing and evaluating your metrics. You will want to test out different headlines, graphics, and copy for your landing page to see what gets more opt-ins for you. You will want to test out different email subject lines to see which ones get more opens.

    Every marketer has gone down this path. There is no simple one size fits all when it comes to marketing. Sorry, but it’s true.

    This may seem like a lot, but I promise you it’s worth it. Once you begin to learn some of these skills and gain momentum, you realize the power, and the leverage this can create for you and your business. And once you begin to make additional income, you can always outsource the things you don’t like or aren’t good at.

    Virtual Assistants can help you with any part of this; just make sure to do your research before hiring outside help to represent you and your brand!

    Step 10 ~ Systemize & Duplicate

    This process might seem daunting at first glance, but I want you to think about what it could mean for your future to create this. If you are a Network Marketer, it not only means a way of having ongoing leads coming in, but you can duplicate the follow-up email system for new team member training, for converting customers to team members, for helping build relationships & offering support to help with retention, for promoting and offering support for different product purchases, etc.

    It allows you to support thousands of customers & team members at once instead of trying to reach out and support everyone one by one and getting overwhelmed and/or burnt out. Of course you still need to build personal relationships with your team, but this takes so much stress and time out of that equation.

    Using this system makes me feel like I’m taking care of my team even if they aren’t leaders or don’t want to build a business. I feel like I’m doing what I need to as a leader and professional marketer. I’m helping everyone in the way that they need to be helped & supported!

    Down the line, you can even use this system in other ways if you decide to branch out. If you are branding yourself and building personal relationships in this way, and not just constantly touting your company’s name, you are creating your own personal asset. Your email list.

    If your company ever goes away, or you decide to become a coach, or write a book, or promote affiliate products, or open an Etsy store, or create your own training, you have this list of people who already know you, like you, and trust you that you can share this new venture with! It is said that you can assume about $1/month for every person on your email list for monetization. So, if you have a 5,000 person email list, you could earn approximately $5,000 per month through various means as mentioned above.

    What’s Next?

    If you are convinced, and I hope by now that you are, that you need to create a funnel and begin building your email list, but you feel overwhelmed, I’ve got your back. I’ve created a simple step by step course called the Empower Program to walk you through every step of what I described above. What to click & where to have a fully functional funnel for yourself that you can begin promoting in days.

    I’ve been where you are and needed something simple that didn’t keep throwing additional training at me; making me feel like whatever I did was wrong so I needed to start over. Something that you only pay for one time instead of over and over month after month. There is plenty of things to spend our money on and you deserve to have something that will truly help you move forward as a professional entrepreneur.

    Click here to check it out.

    As a student of the Empower Program you get lifetime access to our private FB Group so you have support as you build your funnel. It answers all the questions I had when I was starting, without overwhelming you. Remember done is better than perfect. So take action, start building, and I send wishes for your every dream to become a reality!

    P.S. THANK YOU for reading this all the way to the end, you are serious about building a business and it shows.  Take the next step.  Click Empower Program to get started for an easy $33 and I will talk with you soon!


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