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I was born and raised in WI. Went to a small, rural high school, then on to college where I graduated with a BA in Marketing.

I met my husband while finishing college and we’ve been together ever since. Our son and daughter are both teenagers and we are a very close-knit family.

Since high school, I’ve dreamed of a life of traveling the US and enjoying all its beautiful nature while sharing amazing experiences with my family.

I wanted to have a career that I could take with me and work around my life, and guess what? I’ve found it!

Since having children, I’ve wanted to pass on to them that they can do or be whatever they want to be, and that is what I want for you too.

 I want you to believe you can have more time and more income to be able to enjoy life to its fullest!

Join me on this journey and I will share with you the tools I’m using to make this dream a reality! Message me and let’s get you growing!