Bootcamp Day 5 | Sharon Licht
Bootcamp Day 5

Understand the power of scaling your business by creating your own funnel!


Opportunity of role reversal – instead of reaching out to individual people, you can have them contacting you to talk about joining you!

Step 1 – Branding yourself

Step 2 – Creating a lead magnet

Step 3 – Signup with an Email Autoresponder program

Step 4 – Offer value/build a relationship/start a conversation (all automated)

Step 5 – Get a customer/new recruit

Step 6 – Repeat



1.  Automate a growing list of prospects

2.  Team duplication

3.  Don’t lose prospects because of timing

4.  Follow up is automated

5.  Scalable

6.  No more constant rejection, feeling inauthentic or awkward


Watch the training below where I explain it all!

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