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Recruit Faster - Create Your First Funnel & Never Run out of people to Talk to again!

No more feeling feel icky/uncomfortable finding people to talk to about your business.

Create an automated way to find your ideal customer.

Have people coming TO you for more information instead of you reaching out one by one.

Systemize your follow up and create meaningful relationships with hundreds or thousands at once!

Grow a huge team WITHOUT getting overwhelmed.

Never run out of people to talk to about your business again!

Simple to follow, specific instructions to fully set up your first funnel (even if you are not tech savvy!)

I was exactly where you are at. I had built a team of almost 250 people, and rank advanced 4 times, when it all came crashing down.

I ran out of my “warm market”. So, I did all the things we were taught to do. I struck up conversations with people while I was shopping, getting groceries, or out to eat at a restaurant. And even before I said something to people, which in many cases I couldn’t bring myself to even do, I was still working up the courage of what I was going to say, and completely losing out on the entire reason I wanted my Network Marketing business to be successful in the first place!

Now this is replaced with constantly being on our phones!  Feeling the need to respond within seconds if someone shows interest because we are so needy when it comes to finding people!  

I wasn’t present with my husband and my kids because every where we went, I felt like I was supposed to be prospecting! Then heaven forbid I was successful, and I leave my family standing around waiting for me so we can continue on with our day! Uggg. It makes me so sad to think about it now.

I had placards on my car, I put business cards in magazines in dentist & doctor’s offices, and gas station pumps. I hung little candy canes with my business card on cars in the grocery store parking lot at Christmas. I sent spammy messages to every single one of the over 1,000 of my FB friends & family. I lost confidence. I lost excitement, and I started to wonder if I could really do this?

The bottom line was those things didn’t work. I was successful for a while helping my team work through their warm markets, but then, we ran out of people to approach, and my team began shrinking. I HAD to find a way to keep reaching new people in a professional and ethical way. I WOULD NOT GIVE UP ON MY DREAM. We needed something that would make it FUN again, and not scare people to death of that dreaded NO!

After investing in TONS of training and spending thousands of dollars, I was overwhelmed and frustrated, BUT amongst it all, I found the formula for easily growing a list of people to talk to about my opportunity, and got excited about my business again!

Now I'm in the process of making my dreams a reality! My 21 year old son is living his dream life. Spending his days snowboarding, rock climbing, hiking, rafting, and have met friends that have become family. I wanted him to feel empowered to make choices that were right for him even if they weren't what everyone else seemed to be doing! He's healthy & he's happy and that is a mother's dream! 

The next dream is to retire my husband so that we can become full time RVers and it's in the works! Not only that, but my 18 year old daughter is going to join us traveling the US and visiting all the national parks and I could not be more excited to spend this time together!

What are your dreams? Freedom from debt? Being able to travel freely? Setting an example for your children that they can do/be/have anything they set their minds to? That you don't have to let someone else (an employer) dictate how much your time is worth or how much vacation you can take?

I want you to feel empowered to make your dreams a reality by having an automated system to build a list of people to talk to about any kind of product or service you represent even if it changes over time!

So how do I easily share with you what I was learning? Every trainer and program was making it so complicated and overwhelming and I felt like I was given 1000x more information and options than what I really needed which just led to procrastination and fear that I was never doing it correctly!

So, in an effort to want to make it super simple, quick, and possible even for the not so technically savvy, I created a simple 9 module course that can be completed in 48 hours or less!

Here's What You'll Discover...

  • What is a funnel and how does it work...
  • How to be successful online even if you’ve been doing it all wrong up until now...
  • Why & how we brand ourselves - this is so important to understand and implement...
  • How to establish who your Ideal Customer is - so that you know what, when, where & how to post...
  • When to use and NOT use your company branded marketing materials...
  • Attraction & Online Marketing—What is the process, choosing your social media platform, creating a fan page, posting to your page, and how to run a FB Likes campaign...
  • Determine & Create your lead magnet—we go over examples of creating a pdf document, an eBook, or a video. What to create, how to create it, how to save it, and how to attach it in your email autoresponder...
  • Sign up and get started with your Email Autoresponder—including how to create your first list, create a landing page, & set up the autoresponder to deliver your lead magnet...
  • What, when, and how often to send follow up emails—this is where you can begin really building relationships to create that unlimited source of prospects...
  • How to market your lead magnet—without spending money on ads...
  • Evaluate your process—determine what’s working & what needs changes to constantly increase your sales & recruits...
  • Systemization—how to systemize this process and duplicate it with your team so you have time to enjoy life!
  • What your Next Steps need to be—and how to copy my exact system if you choose...

“Sharon is smart and educated. She has the skills to help you with the goals that you set for yourself. But more importantly… she has the biggest heart and wants everyone to achieve happiness and succeed in all aspects of their life.”

Erin A.

“Sharon is AMAZING! She has the biggest heart I have ever seen in her absolute desire to help people. There have been times where I felt stuck and she has lifted me up in a way that empowers me and shines a light on how to find solutions. I’m very lucky to know Sharon and have her in my corner! She is a complete and utter blessing!”

Gabby M.

Sharon is smart and educated. She has the skills to help you with the goals that you set for yourself. But more importantly… she has the biggest heart and wants everyone to achieve happiness and succeed in all aspects of their life. “Enter your text here…

Donna D.

Here's Everything You'll Get...

The 9 Module EmPower Program

Including branding yourself, building your first funnel, creating a never ending warm market, and how to automate this process! ($5000 Value)

My "Build your Ideal Customer Avatar" Worksheet

Download my quick guide for making sure you you know who your ideal customer is so you know how to cater your message to them! ($100 Value) 

Private Access to our EmPower Program FB Group

Join the tribe of those who are moving to online recruiting. Together we will support each other, ask questions, get answers, and celebrate our victories! ($1000 Value)


When You Order Now...

Claim Two Free Gifts With Your Order!

When you join the EmPower Program today, we will also throw in these additional bonuses at no additional charge.

Bonus Canva Training

($150 Value)

Use Canva

to create graphics like FB headers, logos, social media posts, ads, letterhead, business cards, flyers, etc. This will be such a useful tool to create any graphics you need in the future and give you a professional look by creating graphics that support the look, feel & colors of your personal brand!

1 on 1 Private Mentoring Sessions

($500 Value)

1 on 1 Mentoring

You will receive 2 - 30 minute video chat mentoring sessions with me for help, to answer questions, brainstorm, or any other support you need!

$6750 Total Value

Get the "EmPower Program" for just $147 today!

My Happiness Guarantee!

I know you are going to learn so much and be so thankful to have a simple, easy to understand & implement training that I am offering a 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee. I want to be sure you are happy and feel empowered to take action and build your business to the level you've always dreamed of!