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How The Super Successful Overcome Fears: Even Sir Elton John

You're probably thinking - are you seriously going to compare little old me to Sir Elton John?

Yes, yes I am.  

My daughter and I recently watched Rocketman, and though I can sing many of his songs word for word, I really didn't know anything about how he got started.  As I watched the movie, I thought about how similar his story is to so many of our own and wanted to share with you to remind you that we can all be as successful as we choose, but there are a couple specific things that seem to be the same "issues" every successful person has to go through so let's break them down . . . 

No Parental or Social Support

According to the movie, his Grandmother was his only support really.  His parents got divorced early on and neither of them supported him, and I know every entrepreneur or person that has taken on a new endeavor or challenge has felt this way.  You are all excited about a new opportunity or new challenge only to be met with cynicism and skepticism and let's just say the OPPOSITE of support.  

Solution:  Find someone, anyone, who understands your excitement & is on the same path or journey as you.   The majority of the time, your family is not going to understand what you are doing or working on, or just may not be that interested so it's not fair to ask them to get all involved & excited about it.  It's also not fair to ourselves to let their lack of excitement make us doubt our ability to succeed.   Find a friend that is also an entrepreneur, planning to write a book, planning to start a new health regimen, starting a new spiritual journey, or whatever it is that you are excited about.  Social Media makes it super simple to find people in your area with your same interests.  You can also go to to find local clubs and groups.   Find your tribe!

You've Got To Put In The Work

He was immensely talented when it came to the piano, but I had no idea he did not write his own lyrics, so when he went to the recording company, they said go write me a bunch of songs & then come back & we will see . . . 

So do you feel like you know what you want to do, but you just can't seem to get yourself to do the things you know you need to do?

Have you been jumping around from video to video, opportunity to opportunity, new thing after new thing looking for the easy way, the quick & fun way to become successful?  

Maybe you were like me and even started to see some real success only to self sabotage yourself again because you need the self development that will be the foundation and answer to all your future success.

Solution:  Time to wrap your brain around the fact that success is not a one and done.  It hasn't come easy for ANYONE.   You need to learn the basics around what you want to do, then starting DOING IT.  That is going to be the very best way to learn, and the ONLY way to overcome the fear.  Once you learn something new, SHARE IT.  There is always someone a few steps behind you on this journey.

Teaching others will create confidence, and what was once super scary, is now easy, and maybe even enjoyable!  Teaching also creates community around what you are doing which is always part of our soul's purpose or life passion.  This helps create momentum because you begin to enjoy the work - your soul is happy - you do more of it - you start to see some success - which you enjoy & makes your soul happy . . . 

Stop thinking about it, stop obsessing about it, stop talking about it, and start doing it.

Time To Come Out of Hiding

When Sir Elton John made his debut in America, it was in Los Angeles at the Troubadour which launched his career, BUT according to the movie, when he saw the already accomplished music stars that were in the audience, he locked himself in the bathroom - fear overtaking him - certain he wasn't good enough.  Only after get cursed out by his manager did he come out and take the stage and delivered the performance of a lifetime!

Are you "hiding" out of fear?  I have found myself hiding for years.  Afraid to create a video or do a Facebook Live.  (Hiding) Afraid to share my thoughts or opinions or ideas with friends & family.  (Hiding)  Avoiding social situations for any number of reasons. (Hiding)  

Solution:  First, you need to get really real about how badly you want to become successful at whatever it is you are attempting and WHY.  You have to have a reason that pushes you, pulls you, lifts you up, and keeps you going when you're tired, you're broke, & you're frustrated. You need a WHY so strong that you are willing to go back in time to when you were a little kid to unlock all the faulty beliefs that have been instilled in you over time by family, friends, media, and society, AND how to re-write that story so that as you begin to experience success, your old habits and limiting beliefs don't cause you to self sabotage your way back to where you started!  I have a free 10 day course to help you do just that.  Join me in this video course to build the mindset necessary for lasting success!  

You've Adopting Coping Techniques That Sabotage Success

For Sir Elton the coping techniques were serious addiction issues that led to him hating himself and feeling lost & broken.  Even with tons of success.  Even with tons of money and fame.  He was lonely and longed to feel loved.

Maybe you don't have any addictions, but I'm sure we've all been guilty of activities that sabotage our success.  Maybe you shop too much or are an emotional eater or you binge watch TV just so you don't have to think about what you "should" be doing, or "could" be doing.  I am the procrastination queen.  I've had activities that I know will move me toward success that once I've decided to just do it, took me an hour, but I procrastinated on for MONTHS.  Not hours, not weeks, Months. 

Solution:  First, you need to acknowledge the activities that you are doing that are sabotaging your success.   Then go back to the solution above to determine WHY you want to change or what you want to accomplish.  That will be the driving force that keeps you moving through the personal growth you will need to not only achieve success by working through your fears, but sustain it by becoming a newer, better version of yourself!  If you need help understanding your why or what faulty beliefs are holding you back, join my free video course here and let's walk through it together! 

Top Secrets To Ultimate Lasting Success

After Sir Elton John hit rock bottom, he checked himself into rehab.  He went through ALL the emotions, but had a knowledgeable, trained support system that helped him through it.  The real breakthrough and healing came when he went back through and addressed each of the people in his life that were closest to him that had really hurt him or let him down.

We ALL have friends, family, ex-partners, employers, etc. that have really hurt us or let us down just when we needed them most.  Until we can work through those hurts, they will continue to hinder our success because there is a part of us that believes what those people have said about us or that we are unworthy somehow because of how people have treated us in the past.

Solution:  Forgiveness.  You have to get to a point of forgiving that person, that situation, and probably even yourself for getting into that situation or not seeing something you think you should have or for how something was dealt with.  Once Elton John was able to forgive those people, it opened him up to be able to fully LOVE himself.  To finally heal that inner child that was longing for a hug and unconditional love.  When you forgive, and couple that with fully loving yourself unconditionally, you open up for others to do the same.  You are able to face any fear, and keep moving towards your dreams.  When you love yourself unconditionally, you've already found success!

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