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Three Steps to Grow Your Network Marketing Biz Even If You’re an Introvert or Afraid of Judgement

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Step 1. Build Belief

Right now you may be letting your belief that you are an introvert or a shy person get in the way of sharing with others. Even if that is not the case, every single person on the planet has a fear of being judged, so don’t think you are alone by any means!

What is happening is that you don’t yet have the belief or confidence that you can really do this or that your dreams are really a possibility. So, how do you begin to build belief?

Every. single. day. you need to search out a business testimony, AND a product testimony to see how your company is changing lives! How the leaders and top ranks in your company were once JUST LIKE YOU! Full of doubt or fear and using current beliefs as an excuse not to try for fear of being disappointed or failing. When you start to find more people that you can relate to having success in this business, you begin to build belief for yourself!

Step 2. Switch Your Focus

Wherever your focus goes, your energy flows and so does momentum! That is why up above I advised you to start focusing on how you are similar to people who are already successful and stories that build excitement!

In addition to that though, you need to start to focus on action instead of results. Too many times we get off track or slow down because we are only measuring our success by new customers or team members or rank advancements, etc. and that is NO MEASURE of success when you are getting starting in this business.

Instead you should measure, and acknowledge, EVERY achievement for yourself and your team members! Did you follow up with people today? Did you reach out to new people? Did you post on social media? Did you put out some sort of valuable information for your ideal customers? Did you get up early or stay up late to work your business? Did you give up going out to eat or something else to use that money to invest in your business in some way?

THESE ARE ALL ACHIEVEMENTS & HELP BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE! Make sure to stop and acknowledge these things!

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When you put on your blinders and focus on your own actions, your own learning & development, you become a leader. You build belief and you begin to grow a business because people will follow someone who is just being authentic and real.

Putting your focus on action also helps keep your focus on other people. Many of you that are shy or introverted completely love people and that is why you may struggle even more than the rest of us with fear of judgement. However, when you stay focused on helping others instead of your own personal results like ranks or income or whatever else, I promise you, you will grow so much quicker and you will have FUN doing it! Building your unwavering belief will get your through any setbacks and render shyness obsolete because your focus remains on who and how you can help others!

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Step 3. Brand Yourself (Click here for a simple starter course!)

This is step 3 for a reason. You need to be doing the first 2 steps and building your confidence and belief so that you can move on to this step. This is the biggest one I’ve found to help me in not even having to worry about fear of judgement or rejection. If you have decided you want Network Marketing as a career, you need to understand that it comes with ongoing self development and finding new people to talk to about your business!

If you begin to brand yourself, it positions you right away as a professional and helps you attract more potentials and more business builders. Notice I said attract instead of going out to message or reach out to one by one by one!

People want to join someone they know, like, and trust, not just a company. This is a relationship business, so having a way to talk about the things you like and are good at and providing value to people (branding yourself) allows you to attract people that are also interested in those same things! They are your ideal customers, and if you can create a way to attract them, and then get them to raise their hand to say tell me more, you have eliminated so much rejection!

No more worry about judgement or even hesitation because you brand yourself, you put out valuable information and training for people, attracting them to learn more about you and what you are doing. They opt-in to receiving additional information from you so you can continue to offer value to them and build that relationship.

Then, when they are ready, they will contact you (instead of the other way around) to learn more about what you are selling & building! And the very best part about all this is that it’s all automated & systemized! It allows you to build relationships with and follow up with hundreds or thousands of people at one time.

It allows you to elevate your training, your customer service, and your value to your potentials, your customers & your team! By building this way, you will ALWAYS have an ever growing list of ideal customer prospects to talk to about your business!

Focus on educating, training, and offering value to people through social media instead of branding your company or promoting discounts and asking people for something when we haven’t offered them anything yet.

My 9 module training course (which can be completed in a weekend) will easily get you started down this path. I personally get so much more enjoyment from creating and posting a training video (offering value) than I do from reaching out to people one by one with the hopes that they might be interested in what I have to offer. It feels more genuine, more authentic, more fun, and it just works way better! Please comment below with any questions and click here to learn what all you get from my course including access to our private FB group of Network Marketers like yourself who are ready to find a better way to recruit faster with less rejection and begin really growing our businesses and becoming inspiration to our teams in the process!

Wishing you blessings of abundance, health, and happiness!

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